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  • Pedal Adaptations

  • Pedal Guards

  • Pedal Guards are a handy pedal adaptation which can be used in conjunction with Push/Pull hand controls. Pedal guards prevent your feet from becoming trapped and stops the accidental operation of the pedals. The system can incorporate a quick release mechanism to allow the foot guard to be quickly removed and replaced.  

  • Pedal Extensions

  • Pedal Extensions bring the original pedals closer and can be installed into both automatic and manual vehicles. Adjustments can be made for distance, height and the desired space between pedals. They are also fitted with a quick release, so can be easily removed. Once fitted, it allows you to sit further back in your seat. 

  • Hinged Accelerator Pedal

  • Hinged pedals are usually required when you are using hand controls to operate the accelerator pedal. The accelerator pedal can be folded up when the hand control is being operated. This means the driver is able to stretch out both legs to increase driving comfort.

  • Price List

    Product Group: Pedal Modifications/GeneralMotability PriceRetail Price
    Pedal Guards Quick ReleaseFREE£150.00
    Vehicle specific hinged accelerator pedalFREE£200.00
    Pedal Extensions (1 pedal automatic transition)FREE£85.00
    Pedal Extensions (2 pedal automatic transition)FREE£165
    Pedal Extensions (3 pedal manual transmission)FREE£234.60
    Pedal Extension Quick release (2 pedal with false floor) (menox) £443.00£843.00
    Pedal Extension Quick release (3 pedal with false floor) (menox) £526.00£926.00
    *Prices valid 1/04/2017 - 31/06/2017