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  • Push Pull Hand Controls

  • Push pull hand controls

    Hand controls enable individuals to drive where it would have not been possible with the original car pedal controls. The original pedals can still be used therefore enabling your nominated driver to use the vehicle as well. The push pull lever hand controls can also be fitted with an indicator toggle or rotary switch which allows the driver to operate the indicators easily by simply flicking the switch on the top of the hand grip.

    At Adaptation Station we are approved installers of all the leading hand control manufacturers including Jeff Gosling, Brig-ayd Controls and Autoadapt to name a few.


  • Jeff Gosling Hand Controls

  • Brig-ayd Hand Controls

  • Price List

    Product Group: Mechanical Hand ControlsMotability PriceRetail Price
    Push Brake OnlyFree£370.00
    Push/Pull Brake/AcceleratorFree£490.00
    Push/Pull Brake/Accelerator With Indicator Switch (Non-Multiplex)Free£575.00
    Push/Pull Brake/Accelerator With Indicator Switch (Multiplex)Free£805.00
    *Prices valid 1/04/2017 - 31/06/2017

    *Download a list of current Motability multiplex vehicles