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  • Turnout Seat

  • The Turnout swivels the seat outside the vehicle in order to make it easier to transfer from a wheelchair. Available in a manual or electrical version for either left or right side installation (passenger side).

    Turnout Seat - We recommend you to use one of our low profile seats in combination with a Turnout to optimise head and knee/leg space.

    Key features

    • Available for 2-door vehicles with immediate swivel and 4-door vehicles with forward movement around B-pillar while swivelling
    • Available in an manual and an electric version
    • Available for both left and right side installations
    • Combine with a Caroslide underneath the Turnout to optimize leg space
    • Combine with a Tilda to optimize head and knee space
    • Combine with a Carony to eliminate all lifting during transfer
    • EMC and crash test approved
    • CE-marked
  • Price List

    Product Group: Permanent Swivel SeatsMotability PriceRetail Price
    Manual Swivel Seat (Turnout with BEV Seat)£1761.00£2211.00
    Manual Swivel Seat (Turnout with Compact Seat)£1656.00£1197.00
    Manual Swivel Seat Ford B-Max (Turnout with BIS Seat)£750.00£2450.00
    Electric Swivel Seat (Turnout with BEV Seat)£2248.00£2698.00
    Electric Swivel Seat (Turnout with Compact Seat)£1656.00£2106.00
    Arm Rests£280.00£280.00
    *Prices valid 1/01/2017 - 31/03/2017

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