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  • Turny Evo Programmable Seat

  • The Turny Evo is a seat lift that will allow the user to get seated outside the vehicle, before being comfortably lifted to a safe position inside. Having the car seat completely outside of the vehicle and at a height of choice can be very helpful when getting seated or making the transfer from a wheelchair. ..The unique feature of the Turny Evo is its programmable movement path. This allows the Turny Evo to be individually tailored to each user/vehicle combination and enables many driver’s side installations.

  • Price List

    Product Group: Permanent Swivel SeatsMotability PriceRetail Price
    Turny Evo with Compact Seat£3060.00£4760.00
    Turny Evo with Bev Seat£4654.00£6354.00
    Turny Evo with Bev kids seat£4746.00£6446.00
    Arm Rests£280.00£280.00
    *Prices valid 1/01/2017 - 31/03/2017

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