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  • Wheelchair Roof Top Storage Box

  • Braun Chair Topper Rooftop Wheelchair Stowage Unit

    Rooftop Wheelchair Stowage Unit - The Chair Topper stores a foldable wheelchair within about 30 seconds. The weather-tight compartment weighs 55 kg and can be mounted on most vehicle models. The total weight, including wheelchair, does not exceed 75 kg.

    The roof box adds 54 cm total height to the vehicle and is available in driver- and passenger-side models.

  • Price List

    Product Group: Wheelchair Stowage - Rooftop SystemsMotability PriceRetail Price
    Braun Chair Topper Roof Mounted Wheelchair Stowage Box£1288.00£3688.00
    *Prices valid 1/10/2016 - 31/12/2016